DIY 12  Favorite Miniature Book Tutorials. Mini DIY books have always been very popular on my blog, so here is a roundup of them all in one place.

Miniature Book from 1 Inch Minis.

No Sew and No Adhesives Miniature Book from gohlikim.

Miniature Book from Karen Kavett.

Easiest Book Cover Pendants Ever from Two Butterflies.

Mini Book Necklaces with Charms from Art by Wendy.

Miniature Book Pendant from the Russian Blog scrapshopchallenge.

Mni Spell Books from Ruby Murray.

Anthropologie Inspired Library Stack Necklace from Craftster.

Knockoff Library Stack Necklace by Anthropologie from The Scene of Sublime.

Mini Book Necklace and Keychain from Chic Steals.

Tiny Books from How About Orange.

Mini Accordian Books from Poppytalk.

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"Oh this darn wind does nothing for the hair style…"

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Se supone que las pestañas sirven para que no te entre nada en el ojo, pero el 98% de las veces que tengo algo en el ojo es una pestaña

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-Una chica invisible. 

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omfg that is just too adorable

i can show you the world

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Se te paso el enojo? - y a vo se te paso lo conchetumare?



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